• Quinn Birkholz

How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2022

#1: You don’t need much to start.


My name’s Quinn, and I founded Cwil Creative. I also started my first YouTube channel filming on my Samsung Galaxy A5... Now I’m not exactly a case study in how to start a YouTube channel. My early videos were grainy, low quality, and they had bad sound. But luckily these days most starting smart phones have much higher quality than what I started with. Your average modern iPhone can create stunningly high quality films with more than adequate sound recording - so the answer to starting a YouTube channel could be sitting in your pocket at this very moment! All you need to do is hit record.

#2: Create an idea.

The most important thing at the start of any creative enterprise is to know who you are and what you want to talk about. A lot of early YouTubers make the easy mistake of hitting record before they actually know what they want to say - and the days of Tyler Oakley becoming famous from talking about anything are over. These days you need to know what you want to say, and you need to establish yourself as an authority on the topic. Think of your new channel like a business, and maybe even make a business plan for it. What’s your unique value proposition? What do you bring to the conversation that others aren’t already doing? How do you plan to get the word out and have people listen to what you have to say?

#3: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

I highly recommend filming a few videos you never plan to publish. There’s a lot of pressure for your first piece of content to be absolutely incredible - but stop with that thinking. Anyone starting YouTube without a background in performing arts needs some time to warm up to being on camera. Filming things with no expectation of them being seen helps you get used to things without the pressure that people will be tuning in.


#4: Research, research, research...

While #2 is incredibly important, part of your process in starting a channel should be examining other channels who might be doing similar things and figuring out how you can create a unique spin on it. Spending some time examining Google Trends might be a good way to figure out what people are searching for and better understand your audience.


#5: Budgeting!

You know how in my first point I said that you don’t need any money to get started? Well I stand by that, however... A little goes a long way! I know a lot of wannabe creators who tell me ‘But I can’t afford to make good stuff!’ and while, yes, you can start recording on your phone - you can also upgrade your quality early on without spending much. A high quality prime lens is made by canon for just £50 (Canon 50mm). Tripods can be obtained for as little as a tenner, and cheap microphones are sold for not much more. So if you’re a perfectionist who won’t start until you know it’s going to be amazing, well... then make it amazing! A little investment can make a huge difference in your starting leap.

Most of all... good luck! And if you’re still struggling, well... you know where to find us. ;)


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